Ecommerce Services
Custom Capture Solutions
  • High-Volume Imaging

    Whether 20 assets per week or 1000 garments per day, high-quality, consistant results every time. Sample tracking to capture, asset management to QA and retouch pipelines - be in control of your images every step of the way.

  • Custom Ecommerce Studios

    From multi-bay on-figure studios to on-site photo boxes, tailored to your requirements and designed for scale. Traditional studio setups run by a team, ready-to-shoot automated sets, convertable multi-product sets, 360º capture and more.

  • Automated Imaging

    Enable users of any skill to create professional-level image assets, no help needed. Alleviate the need to hire highly skilled, costly employees by allowing your existing team to produce shoots that work for them, on their schedule.

  • Bulk Retouching

    Find the best team for your post-production needs; Local and international retouching teams available for any volume and price point. Low cost-per-image, quick turnaround services with industry-quality results.

Scripting and Workflow Automation
  • Streamline Your Workflow

    From automated folder creation to scheduled backups and syncs, image processing, and QA, scripted applications allow for the instant completion of tedious repetitive tasks, as well as ensure that pre-defined settings and targets are always followed faithfully.

  • Time is Money

    Reduce lengthy setup processes (even ones that must be performed across multiple studio bays or stations) to the click of a button, creating capture folders and writing metadata from a studio schedule, setting naming conventions and even reading color value targets.

  • Peace of Mind

    File syncs and backups run using an operating system’s native tools are far more robust and efficient than third party software, and can move files seamlessly and securely between multiple computer systems and servers in-house and around the world.

  • Designed for High-Volume

    Increase imaging volumes while maintaining standards, decreasing cost and reducing human error. Settings and workflow information entered without user interaction not only save time, but in some cases can remove the need for a human operator all together.

Brand Development/Creative Sevices
  • Art Direction

    Develop your brand's look and feel by creating a recognizable, consistant style. From implementing standards, style guide creation, SOPs and Wikis, through on-shoot direction and project management; your images, the best they can be.

  • Promotional Campaigns

    From standard product imaging to consistant high-quality heros, headers and other marketing and promotional content. On-figure or tabletop, world-class content to grab attention, increase conversions and boost sales, on the web or off.

  • Design Services

    Fast turn around visual design and web development services; From websites and cards to promotional decks, presentations and pitches, QA review material, internal Wikis, icon, logo and app design, SEO and Social Media curation.

  • Production Services

    On-location and in-studio photography shoot production; Permitting, coordinating travel arrangements, shoot budget estimates, image liscensing/rights, in-house castings and go-sees, scouting/interviewing talent, et al.

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